Petel & Co.

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Whether you’re running for office, building a legislative agenda, or advancing and blocking public policy, Petel & Co. will help you define and deliver the win. We’re in the business of beating Republicans, electing Democrats and passing progressive policy.

About Us

Petel & Co. is a 100% woman-owned firm committed to progressive causes and candidates. We’re the go-to team for candidates and organizations looking to marry science with art: we know every win is about math, margins and message.

Our data and message-driven strategy has elected hundreds of candidates to public office, from the White House to the State House. We’ve advanced important public policy, killed dangerous legislation and persuaded voters with layered advertising, rapid response programs and tactical campaign strategy.

Meet Our Staff

We’re experts in electoral targeting, voter persuasion and political communications.  By integrating digital, broadcast, phones and direct mail, Petel & Co. can help your campaign deliver a strong paid and earned communications plan.

You don’t have a campaign plan without a vote goal and shouldn’t spend a dime until you define your win number. The Petel & Co. team are experts in electoral targeting. We’ll define your win, target your audience and create data-driven programs that are layered, effective and on message.