Be Bold.

Take Risks.


Whether you’re running for office, building a legislative agenda, or advancing public policy, Petel & Co. will help you define and deliver the win.



In a time when too many in politics are convinced of their rightness and righteousness, we’re proud of our clients and our work. From candidates and labor unions to nonprofit organizations, everyone has a stake when everyone has a voice. That’s how we win!



Petel & Co. is a 100% woman-owned and woman-run communications firm specializing in direct mail and digital strategy.

We’re bold. We push the envelope to push the agenda and deliver the win.

We’re the go-to team for candidates and organizations looking to marry science with art: we know every win is about math, margins, and message.

We’ve elected hundreds of candidates to public office, from the White House to the State House. We’ve advanced crucial public policy, killed dangerous legislation, and persuaded voters with our innovative, tactical approach.


By integrating digital, broadcast, phones, and direct mail, Petel & Co. can help your campaign communications deliver the win.



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